National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Cloud Computing Center) will depend on resources of supercomputing center and cooperate with relevant manufactures to offer users cloud computing services. Focusing on the government affairs, people’s 

livelihood and requirement of industry development, A will pay most of our attention to cloud application service in such fields as industrial simulation, SME, E-commerce, E-government affairs and health according to the principles of easy application,

convenient management, high-reliability, expandability and high-security.

Industrial simulation: it focuses on the requirements of industrial users and makes use of commercialized application software to offer application service of industrial design and industrial simulation to improve self-development and self-design ability of the enterprise. Industrial simulation cloud platform includes such functional modules as analysis on processing technology, analysis on technology, optimization of module design, analysis on design and performance of mechanical parts, analysis on and design of performance and assembly technology of complicated electromechanical devices, analysis on electromagnetic compatibility of project, graphic rendering, virtual assembly, virtual welding.

SME cloud: it focuses on enterprise resource management in SMEs, customer-relationship management, and production workflow management to construct cloud computing application system of SaaS and PaaS module, offer application service in SMEs, reduce cost of enterprise and promote competitiveness of the enterprise. SME cloud platform includes such functional modules as market and sale management system, customer-relationship management system, order management system, account management system, service management system and operation-support management system.

E-government cloud: it focuses on the requirements of internal management in government branches and external service, applies modern information technology and fulfills office automation, management informatization, scientification of decision-making and service personalization. E-government affairs cloud includes such functional modules as hall application of administrative service, evaluation on government affairs, monitoring on public sentiment and OA service.

Health cloud: based on civil electronic health-record, it sets up information sharing platform, which covers health system. It also offers convenient health information service to meet residents’ health requirements. Health cloud platform includes such functional modules as electronic health-record management, health information service, hospital information system, remote health management, automatic physical examination.

Rendering cloud: through cloud computing, it can dynamically extend rendering computing ability of enterprise concerned with film, video and animation. And this makes it possible for enterprise not to maintain their render-farms. Rendering platform is composed of external interface, task management server, storage server, management server and high-volume rendering nodes.

E-commerce cloud: it focuses on commercial activities of enterprise and institution, applies cloud computing technology and offers electronic business information, electronic trade and electronic payment which can reduce operation cost of electronic business enterprise and enhance rapid development of enterprise. E-commerce cloud platform includes such functional modules service as application and management of portal websites, online customer service, data mining, statistical returns and knowledge base of institution.

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